Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best Friend's Wedding!

Jessica, my best friend from high school and college, got married a few weeks ago to HER Ryan as we call it :) It was one of the most fun wedding weekends we have ever been to:

We started off on Thursday night with a wedding party softball game! So fun for all!
Friday was the bridesmaids lunch at The Club and the Rehearsal dinner in Selma at Selma Country Club.

Saturday we had a blast all day sharing this special moment with Jess at her family farm. She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Here is the Just Married Sign I made of horsehoes, fabric, wood, barb wire, sunflowers, and lights. Thanks to my Huntsville friend Cortney for her creativity and help!

I am so honored to have been a part of her special day! I love you Mrs. Sciacca!


  1. So happy for Jessica! Hysterical you were able to go to the Selma Country Club!! Definitely not B'ham style, but works for us Selmians!
    Great pic of you and Ryan :)

  2. LOVE the dress in your pic with Ryan. Guessing it is ShoeFly??

  3. Hey Leighton~~!! Cute wedding pics!:))) AND...I'm so glad you and Ryan are now friends with Wydner and ALison!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I know you already love them! Thanks for all your help and the BEST SIGN EVER for Jess and Ryan's wedding...AND your special friendship with Jess:))

    love you....mrs. konie