Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best part of teaching: Spring BREAK! :)

I laugh at the title of this blog post, because I taught for 2.5 weeks and I already get a week break! ha! I am using the break to catch up on rest, clean (ok I lied, we got a MUCH needed maid), work at Shoe Fly (still LOVING it), and of course, RE-DECORATE!

Here is how the week has panned out so far:
-1st, my WONDERFUL mom came up for a visit! She actually worked with me at the store, which was so fun to do together! Of course she shopped and tried on clothes as we worked! :)
-Then YAY for Sunday Ryan was home from Whistler! Poor guy after a week of an all expense paid trip he had to go back to work :( However, on his defense, not only did he have bad jet-lag and a delayed flight, but also the time change didnt help. I still think he is recovering! All this to say he deserved a break, but I am so glad he is back and in all in one piece! This was the longest we have been apart since the big wedding day!

-For my bithday my mom bought me some amazing sconces and I have been racking my brain on where to put them. Sweet Mary Katherine (Ryan's co-workers, wife) came over with her cute little girl to help me! Candy occupied Emma, while MK and I made a great change in our room with the sconces! We moved the mirror and hung it on the wall and thanks to her I would have NEVER thought of that! I LOVE IT now, it seems like we have much more room!

The sconce on the left side of the bed is hard to see but its there! Thanks Mom, I LOVE the new look in our room! Now off to work...


  1. Happy LATE BDAY!!! When was it???!!! I didn't know! Moms are the best! so glad you had fun together!!

  2. Late,
    you are on my blog list now!!! The house looks amazing, I love seeing inside your world! I love you bunches!