Sunday, April 2, 2017

We Reunite

Spring Break 2017 consisted of a girl trip (someone has to pay the bills: aka daddy!) to Charlotte. Our old home! It was such a great trip with me and my girls on the long car ride there and back. The girls played, read, slept, ate, and sang with mommy!

We got there and went full force the whole week. Lots to do and even more people to see! We went to soccer shots practice in our old neighborhood and saw lots of old friends: Jackson, Aly, Hadley, Jordan, Kate, and Paige, and of course their mommies!

We stopped by our old house, which just sold again! (for 40k more than we sold it for. Ouch!) They painted the door black and thought weeds looked better in the front yard. ;)

We had yummy lasagna and a fun spend the night party that night with our best buds, the Wilkens! The next morning we took them to school and saw all of our old teachers. We ventured on to the mall after a quick workout. 

After naps, we had a huge playdate with all of our old friends! Thank you Uptons, Gentiles, Wilkens, Wilsons, Ianuccis, Farleys, and Smiths for coming to see us! 

We spent the rest of the trip with pajama parties, open gym, and meeting up with more buddies!

Bath time! 5 weeks apart!

We loved seeing our sweet old neighbor Sabrina. She and Mae were tight. She stayed with her when Ryan and I went to the hospital when Maggie was on her way. 

We met the York's for lunch and playtime! Such a special friendship!

Sadly, we said our goodbyes, and excitedly got home to daddy! 

We love Charlotte, but are so thankful to be home with family so nearby. So thankful we are just a long car trip away to cure the blues!

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