Saturday, October 24, 2015

9 big ones!

9 months have come and gone...I can not believe it. Here are the milestones we hit this month:

On October 6th, she learned how to suck out of a hard nozzle sippy cup. She was using the rubber ones. 

She used to be our easy child...NOT ANYMORE! She is still super happy and go with the flow for the most party...BUT she is opinionated in her own baby way, gives us a run for our money sometimes, and thinks its her world and we are just living in it. Cracks us up but wears us out at the same time!

My favorite moment of our day is right before nap time, we put her pink blanket on our shoulder and she snuggles in so tight and immediately sucks her thumb. She would stay there for hours, and I so wish I could, too. 

On her 8 month birthday, I started supplementing one bottle of formula a day and still nursed the other 3 times. I kept nursing her until the day she turned 9 months and we are officially done. I have mixed emotions, but it just is what works for ALL of us and for that I am happy!

When people talk to her or she gets super excited and happy to see Ryan or I, she stiffens her body, clenches her fist, smiles ear to ear, and then has a bashful face and hides it into our chest. Be. still. by. heart. 

She had ANOTHER dang cold this month, I took her to the urgent care one evening just POSITIVE she had an ear infection. Nope. That makes the 4th dr. sick appt and they tell me she is perfect. She even smiled and laughed for them and made me look like a liar that we were even there. Par for the course. 

On October 7th took her first few real crawls, after scooting around for a long while and then finally on Oct. 19th she officially became a true crawler. She loves it, Mae thinks is brilliant, and we do too! 

We love you sweet, strong-willed girl and can't wait to spend your first Halloween with you next week!

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