Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to Jax

As many of you know I was born in Jacksonville, FL, lived there for 7 years, have spent most of my holidays there, all of my extended family lives there, and we were married there. So it has a special place in my heart. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to introduce Jax to my youngest little nugget, Maggie. We had a blast with my parents, minus the ER trip (mommy over reacted with a cold):

Kelly Johnson and Kelly Mae were two peas in a pod, as always:

Maggie had a bad cold and I wont mention what they had to do to her, or I might cry again, but she is healthy and fine now!

We had potty breaks with a view:

We had matching wet bathing suit contests:

Me and my girls:

We did lots of strolls:

Mae enjoyed her first hotdog WITH a bun...devoured it!

I got a LITTLE r& much as you can get chasing around the two nuggets.

Maggie got lots of loving from my aunt Cindy, Great Grandma, cousin Daniel and Aiden, and friends Beth and Cameron. 

Dad and I had an early father's day breakfast:

Maggie's favorite nap spot, my arms in swing on the back porch:

Having another hot dog her K-Pa sent with her on our way home. 

Lots of swimming:

You could find me here when my parents each took a kid:

Our boat captain:

Did I mentioned we swam alot???

We had a great trip! The girls loved getting some special time with my parents, as did I! I left with two tired girls, a full tank of gas from my dad, and he also snuck some spending money for me to go shopping on my own and buy for ME! I think he got a slight sense of how crazy (but fun) life is! We are so blessed!

Before I go, I have to document Mae's funny sayings from our trip...she had us all in tears we were laughing so hard:

My mom flew up here to drive down with us to Florida, and was driving and said nicely, "Move over buddy" as she was trying to switch lanes. Mae yelled "MOVE OVER BUDDY!"

Yesterday, in the car, Maggie was fussing. Mae said, "Mommy, turn Maggie OFF!"

Mae pointed to Maggie's nipples and said, "Maggie boo-boo's"

When Maggie gets really upset and is crying, Mae will say: "HUSH Maggie! It's ok Maggie, It's ok Maggie"

I love HGTV and is really the only TV I ever watch if the TV is on...this morning while it was on Mae looked up at the TV while playing and said "I like it, I like it" referring to a house being shown. 

On the car ride down to FL, I was asking Mae what sounds animals make. I went through every animal I could think of and said, "what sound does mommy make?". Without a seconds pause, she said "I love you" 

Melt my heart. 

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