Thursday, January 9, 2014

War Eagle Anyway!

We had a wonderful trip to California this past week, minus the extremely tough loss. All that would have made it a perfect trip would have been a W. Its just hard to lose a game when you are winning 90% of the game. Anyway, congrats to my FSU cousins and maybe next year for us! 

We had a great trip with our college friends! The guys actually planned this WHOLE trip and did a darn good job if I do say so myself! Excuse the pictures being out of order, but between Ryan moving this Sunday to Charlotte, and Mae and I leaving for an extended stay in Bham, plus unpacking and repacking, I just dont have time to reorder the pics! 

Enjoying our house and view on our first day in Hollywood:

The boys on RODEO Dr, In Beverly Hills:

 Enjoying a bike ride from Santa Monica to Venice Beach:

 Our group! So fun!

Santa Monica:

At our house before leaving for the big game!

On the bus headed to Pasadena: 

 At the hotel where "Pretty Woman" was filmed! 

Headed to see the Tiger's Play! 

A fun night out at "The Edison" and "The Standard"

The Auburn fan Party at Club "Lure":

Our crew stocking at the grocery store waiting on our bus:

What a fun bus ride:

Ran into our Auburn friends:

My favorite brunch spot, "The Ivy". 

Ready to see our team next year! Love me some Gus!
War Eagle!

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