Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend celebrating this guy,
 because of this girl:
She made him a daddy! And he is one heck of a daddy at that!

 Of course I cant help but think of my sweet daddy and how much he means to me! We have had a tough year from him losing his mother, losing our family dog, getting diagnosed with cancer, and even more unspoken...but daddy says " no we havent, we had Mae, and that makes it perfect!" I love my daddy and his new roll as " K. Paw" for his K. Mae :)
Dad had a great time with Mae as we chilled at home some while Ryan golfed with his high school friends. 
 Ryan enjoyed time with is girl:
 He enjoyed time with HIS dad:
and Mae enjoyed pool time with Buck:
 We celebrated Ann Reese!
 We gave gifts and had a pool/cookout!
 Mae got to swim in her BB and Buck's pool for the first time!

 We visited our favorite family the Barlows...Alize Kate on the left was our flower girl almost 4 years ago!

and went to see Nat and Kate! 

We had a great weekend with family and friends. Truly Blessed! Next up! 4 month dr. visit and MOVING! July 12th to Montgomery! Shoot me!

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