Saturday, January 12, 2013

last nye as 2!

We had a low key NYE, but I promise I am telling the truth when I say it was perfect! I took a nap during the day and woke up with Ryan returning from Earth Fare with groceries. He planned and cooked a yummy meal! 

We had a Jeopardy competition, lame I know, but it was fun! Ryan killed me!

Mom bought me some sparking grape juice and we toasted to a wonderful year behind us and excited about the next!

I stayed on the couch most of the night and did doze off, seeing I am growing a human inside me! However, by 10:00 I was wide away and stayed up till Midnight to kiss my hubby! It was perfect and we were asleep by 12:30! Interested, excited, and anxious to see what 2013 has in store for us!


  1. Yea! What a lovely night my dear! Glad it went well. And we all know ONE thing that 2013 will bring and that is baby girl :) Blessings all around! (I remember you from Hoover High..GO BUCS!!) My blog:

  2. We had a very different, low key new years as well. baby went to bed and we played spades with my sister and hubby! hey its a fun new normal