Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 years and counting...

We had a low key 3rd anniversary this year. It was perfect, minus the fact that I had to work that day. After work, where Ryan had surprised me with 2 dozen roses at school, we jumped in the car for Bham for Thanksgiving. We celebrated at our favorite restaurant, Bottega. I got Ryan some mini's from his 'mini-me' Mae. He got me a new phone :) I know everyone loves there husband, but I honestly think mine is the best and I love him the most...just sayin'.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful my sweet friend! And I will never forget y'all's anniversary because it is exactly the week after ours, so HAPPY LATE 3yr ANNIVERSARY :)

  2. Hey Girl! I haven't been to your blog in a while (I'm adding it to my blog list now so I can keep up!) Congratulations on 3 years - CAN.NOT believe it's been three years since you babysat our little small group kids!! Congrats also on baby Mae! How exciting!! The nursery is just precious!! Pray things go smoothly for the rest of your pregnancy! Can't wait to see pictures of your "little poppyseed" :)