Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mae's Nursery...

It is coming along! I wanted a very neutral room, with light touches of pink. I am not a huge pink fan, but what baby girl cant have pink! So I went very light with it! We had some DIY projects, Ryan re-sanded and painted the crib and glider. I had the cushions recovered. We are using one of the twin beds from Ryan's great Aunt that we inherited, and will use the other one when Mae is in a big girl bed, years from now. The biggest trouble was the curtains, put up and TOOK DOWN 5 different sets, but I am pleased with the final ones from RH baby. I cant wait for Mae to be here and see her room! She will be sleeping in her room from night 1, MARK MY WORD :) so she better love it! I have some of my clothes from when I was a baby, a painted stool, and Travis and I's rocking horse. I love sentimental! My sister in law painted a cross I cant wait to add as well! :)


  1. beautiful nursery! you are on top of things so early :) i love it

  2. I am so happy for you guys!! Mae's nursery looks great!! And I TOTALLY support you on her sleeping in HER room! Audrey has slept in her room since the night we brought her home from the hospital and she is an awesome sleeper!