Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Month!

The Lord has blessed Ryan and I so much this past month! I can't help but reflect back and be so thankful for it! Here is why:
-We had a great family trip with my family at a lake that hold's so many memories for my family in Florida.
-I am loving my job, my new grade, and school.
-Ryan got a BONUS from his project in Huntsville. I am SO proud of him!
-I got promoted with WH, I am no longer a consultant, nor a senior design consultant, but now a group leader! My next goal is Senior Group Leader and then Director! I am so thankful for my loyal customers, those that have hosted parties, and my friends and family's support! Email me if you want Sept. sales!
-We got great news on refinancing my house in Birmingham and have a great renters!
-I spent 40 at Publix this week and saved 58!
-We had a fun weekend in Montgomery celebrating Courtney and Jim's wedding with friends. We attended a rehearsal cocktail party, I went to the lingerie shower, and we enjoyed golf, pool, wedding fun, and friends!
-We enjoyed our first dinner at AU club and pool visit and are excited about meeting new people and enjoying the amenities.
-My grandmother's tumor has not grown, which is great news!
-We have made new friends in AU and have had a blast with old friends!
-I won a giveaway for FREE! I never win anything like that!
-I got a letter in the mail from one of my past students that made my MONTH! It's amazing what an impact some kids have on you! :)
Next months goals: YELL FOR AU and LOSE WEIGHT :) War Skinny Eagle!

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  1. Sounds great! I am proud of you! Now, follow my blog weagle.
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