Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bitter Sweet...

We had a great Father's Day weekend in Birmingham with my family. Ryan's parents were on their way back from their 2 week trip to Europe. Friday night we went to La Paz with the Morrows and soon to be Carson's. Then we went to Dram. Saturday, Mom and I went furniture shopping for our new house and found some great steals at some antique shops. Ryan watched golf with dad and helped him with his computer. We even went on a family run at Spain Park! I am impressed with how active my parents still are! We cooked out and really enjoyed having my parents to ourselves. Sunday, Ryan and I got some much needed alone time together, hence we live in 2 different cities. So we watched golf together, ALL day. Go Rory! I snuck away for brunch with my friends Sarah Neale, Donna, Amanda, and Nicole. I miss Sarah Neale so much and am looking forward to my trip to ATL in July. Sunday night Ryan and I had one last date night before we split ways. I stopped by quickly to see one of my favorite families! The Bennett's/Dekle's/Gibbs. I got to see my favorite kiddo's and catch up!

We are moving to AU in less than a week and could not be any more excited! AT THE SAME TIME, we are so sad to leave our friends here in Huntsville. We have had a blast eating dinners together, cooking out, ice cream trips, pool time, concerts in the park, happy hour, and girls night outs. We look forward to our 2 going away parties this weekend as well! I have a feeling some tears might start flowing...

These girls mean so much to me, I can not even explain! I moved here right after we were married knowing NO one. Thankfully, through a few slight connections we formed out group and we have so much fun together! From beach trips, supper club, movies, lake trips, etc. I am reminded of how thankful I am for these girls and our memories we have made! I am excited about our trip to New Orleans soon!

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