Sunday, December 12, 2010

AU f.u.n.

The past few weekends have been A.U. f.u.n! First off, thanks Mr. Cam...congrats!
2nd, we spent the SEC weekend in ATL for the game and had a blast with college friends. Here is Ryan with our tailgate group (aka. his frathernity brothers and wives)
Ryan wore the SAME shirt to every game this year, but thankfully we got an AU picture without that shirt since he had a jacket on...can we say superstition?
The tailgate wives, friends, girlfriends, future wives, aka all of the above...

Look who we ran into? This is my mom's best friend and one of my best friends from middle school...Mrs. Gaddy was using our koozie from our wedding!

The sweet Koffler's were great hosts to us! Now its our turn for them to come to Huntsville!

The weekend before for the AU/UA game my sweet brother and his dog Gabby came to visit. My Huntsville friend Emily Jane came over too! I wish we had our game on video as we watched. We were doing good luck dances, switching seats because they were bad luck, etc.
We had a blast!

Taking advantage of the pretty AU sun...I really do think God is an AU fan becuase of his sunsets...
There is Ryan in that DANG shirt AGAIN! He says we are framing it if we with the National Champ game. Oh, and yes, we are going! Arizona here we come!

Brother/Sister photo opp...I guess Gabby is my niece??
Sweet Emily Jane...She tried to wear neutral colors, she is an MSU alumni.

The day before Thanksgiving break, we had an iron bowl tailgate party in my class. Of course, the majority of the class is AU..I have some parents telling me that their child wants to convert to AU...ok, maybe I am brainwashing them...They are young I can convert them NOW! :)

War Eagle! I am SO proud to call Auburn my school!

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