Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been out of town so much and I feel like we just go, go go. I am really looking forward to the spring where we do not have much going on, but am loving our fun times together and with friends and family! I have not been able to post much because this has been our schedule since August:
August 28-Jessica's wedding
Sept. 3-Smith Lake with Wydner's
Sept. -17-AU Clemson game with Erin and Kyle Moore in AU, Bham baby shower for my sister in law!
Sept. 26-Our NYC Trip!
Oct-3-Birmingham for Ryan's company golf tournament and baby shower for sister in law!
Oct.-10-Ryan on a work golf trip and Ryan's sweet grandfather passed away, back to B'ham
Oct. 16-Lake Martin for a wedding!
Oct. 23-Back to AU for LSU game with Lyle's and Allred's
Oct-30-LJH to Jax. for UGA/FL game, Ryan to Ole MIss for AU game with dad and brother!
Nov.-6-LJH in Memphis for bachelorette party
Nov. 14-Back to AU for UGA game with Morrows!
Nov. 21-Our anniversary trip to Tennessee
Nov. 26 Thanksgiving

Soon to follow....A NAP!


  1. Wow! Enjoy these fun times together! One day you will not be able to "just go" like us newlyweds can :) Be safe as ya'll continue to travel

  2. You two are like jet setting movie stars! That is pretty cool. I love the updates.