Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Come visit us!

I have enjoyed decorating our house so much since I have moved in! It is a WORK IN PROGRESS FOR SURE, but this is what we have so far! Come visit us anytime! I think Ryan notices something different that I have done to the house everyday and then reminds me I need a job :)

Part of the Kitchen

Guest Bathroom

Office, 3rd bedroom

Other side of office

Guest Bedroom, come visit us!


Living Room

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom


  1. seeing your house clean reminds me of the pitiful excuse of a job me you and jake tried to do at your house one time.

    Jake, "yeah I was gonna eat that"
    Ryan, "when a month ago"

  2. Cute blog Leighton! Hope you guys are enjoying married life! It sure sounds like it! :) We'll have to get together next time we're in Huntsville!