Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 months!

Mae turned 5 months last week! I cant believe it! She is getting so big! She is such a sweet baby girl and smiles a ton now!

-This past month Mae is starting to sit up really well! She does it best when we have a book or toy to keep her busy to not look around and lose balance.
-July 9th she rolled from her back to her tummy! She forgets how to roll back over (she learned that at 3 months) so sometimes we help her.
-When she rolls over to her tummy at night she just sleeps that way because she knows mommy is not coming in to get her!
-We are teething! Ugh! I hate it for her and for me! She has started this whining (not crying, not even really fussing) just kind of a groan. I have tried the baby orajel and tylenol. It helps, but I dont want to be that mom that gives it to her all the time, so trying to figure out when it is a MUST. She is chewing on her hands all day long and anything she can get her hands on to put in her mouth.
-She smiles all the time! She loves to be lifted in the air, and we always get a smile that way.
-Poor thing, probably wont know her name for a long time! The nicknames keep adding to the list. Now we are at Buggy and Punkin, and Ryan sticks to K. Mae and Mae Monster.

-Mae had her first trip to Jax. FL, a very special place for mommy and daddy. She did great on the way there and the way back! No crying and was a great passenger! So thankful! We got married there and mommy was born there! She had her first boat ride and mommy and daddy got a day away at Ponte Vedra Club while Granna, K Paw and uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie watched her. It was SO Nice!
-Mae officially has lived in 2 houses now. We are officially moved and settled in Montgomery, AL. Trying to get adjusted to say the least.
-Mae sleeps at 7 and wakes between 6-7. Sometimes a little later sometimes a little earlier.
-Mae had her first lake trip to Lake Martin and loved her 2nd boat ride! Thanks Grote's for having us!

-Mae has started blowing bubbles (started July 5) and thinks its hilarious! We do too! I know one day we will have to teach her its rude and to stop, but for now we encourage it, ha!
-Mae found her tongue on July 6! Its like she never realized she had it! She loves sticking it out, chewing on it, and so on! Its so cute!
-If we could just get through this teething thing, life will be perfect! praying we get over this hurdle soon! Mommy feels a slight bump/poke of a tooth but daddy says no. We shall see! We love you Mae Mae and are so thankful God chose you to be OURS! We love that you made us a mommy and a daddy! Our favorite titles :)